Sonarphone and Navionics - Your New Fishin' Buddies


Millions of mobile device owners have downloaded Navionics apps before going out on their fishing trips.

And now they can enjoy the feature directly from their iPhone or iPad as Navionics and Vexilar have cooperated to integrate Navionics Boating with the Vexilar SonarPhone. This allows boat anglers to see their sonar and charts both in full and split-screen within the same app.

“For the first time ever, you can use the split screen view of charts and sonar display to monitor water depths and watch your position on the charts. The Navionics Boating app with integrated SonarPhone functionality is simply a natural evolution of smart technology,” said Steve Baumann, owner of Vexilar.

“Our company has pioneered many of the sonar technologies fishermen have been using for the last 55 years, from our introduction of the first LCD sonar to our flasher sonar technologies for ice fishing. Our breakthrough with SonarPhone WiFi is definitely where the future of fish finding technologies will be in just a few years. Navionics Boating and SonarPhone make for a robust and powerful team.”

Boat users will be able to save and send their sonar logs to Navionics and see a new chart, updated with the data, after about a week. For Navionics, this is a major advancement for SonarCharts™, the HD bathymetry map users can enhance, as it can be seen on plotter, mobile and even web. Any updated SonarCharts resulting from individual contributions are visible by the whole Navionics community on any comparable device.

“As we embrace wireless technology, our partnership with Vexilar creates a ‘wow’ factor by connecting sonar with charts on hand-held devices like iPhones and iPads at very low costs,” said Don Black, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Navionics. “We are offering more and more ways to provide the greatest benefit for all so our users can improve charts anywhere they want more detail, anytime they choose.”

Any Navionics Boating, Marine or Marine & Lakes app currently on the market can be updated with SonarPhone functionality. It was released in August on the iTunes App Store for use on iPhone and iPad.

This enables the app to display data received from a SonarPhone T-Box WiFi transmitter, which is a device that must be purchased separately.

Navionics app users who buy a Navionics+ subscription for detailed Navionics charts, offered within the app from many worldwide regions, also have access to the improved SonarCharts.